Searching the net for new year software and how to Remove iCloud Lock by official Tool solution is a common trait for many people who are enduring the difficulties of the iCloud lock restriction. It is well-documented fact that the number of locked to iCloud devices is really big and on top of that there is very little info on how to fix this.

Still, the emergence of some new and revolutionary methods specialized in dealing with iCloud Removal problems have made things a bit easier at this moment. The main reason for why the iCloud lock happens is due to the inability of the iPhone owner to enter his iCloud ID or password.

In some cases, this is the case because the device is lost or stolen, but sometimes the reason can be simply because the owner has forgotten his login credentials. What is important at this point is to learn about the methods which can be used to exclude the activation screen restriction on your handset.

As you may know, there are several fake services who are offering non-functional Removal solution services. It is important to make a distinction between perfectly functional methods and fake ones. At this point, there are two verified iPhone iCloud Removal Tool methods that actually work. The first method is what we call the default one. To qualify for this method you must meet certain criteria. You must have the original receipt from the Apple store from which you have bought your device or valid warranty.

If you meet these criteria then all that you need to do is to go to the nearest Apple store and ask the technicians there to Remove the iCloud activation lock. If you belong to this category of users then you are well aware that it is very difficult to find alternative iCloud Lock solution. Most of the online providers only charge large fees and do not actually turn-off the iCloud lock. But, in case you did not know there is one alternative solution that works.

It requires that you use an iCloud Remover which was developed by the Apple team of experts. This tool is very popular in the iOS society and is proven to fix the iCloud issue in only a few minutes. It is compatible with the new iOS version regardless of the broadband. The Bypass service tool has been put thru rigorous testings and trial periods and it is confirmed to be completely safe for use.

In case you own Apple handset which for some reason is iCloud locked then you can use this exclusive offer and set-up the iCloud activation lock screen immediately. You only need the correct IMEI code and a stable internet connection.

There is no need to send your device anywhere and on top of that the service. Give it a try. Please help my debit card wont work with your website. I dont kmow why but ive tried a hundread times. Ive call my bank and they dont have any idea why either.

Iphone 6 imei I have iPhone 6 locked on iCloud lock.Many iPhone users may have experienced the common struggle of dealing with iCloud activation lock.

This iCloud bypass tool performs effectively and works on all Apple Devices. It is very easy to use and completely free. Users of this tool will attest to its efficiency. It is one of the most efficient tools for bypassing activation lock, very easy to use and works on all iOS device iOS 12 supported.

It is not a UI tool and thus allows you to run your own iCloud bypass server. It is one of the most commonly used iCloud Activation lock removal tools and can be used for different purposes such as bypassing iCloud activation, bypassing iCloud lock Pros and even removing an iCloud account.

This is one of the best tools for bypassing iCloud activation lock. It is user-friendly, compatible with most Apple devices and efficient. When you have an old Apple ID on the phone or just forgot the password of it, LockWiper can help you get rid of it without any hassles. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. LockWiper will immediately start to unlock your device if the Find My iPhone is turned off.

Note: If your Find My iPhone is turned on, please set up first following the instruction on the program. Step 4. It will take a few seconds, then your Apple ID will be removed. Doing so will allow you to protect any confidential information or data if you ever decide to buy, sell, or trade your iPhone. As an iOS expert, Daniel is highly praised for his effective and helpful solutions to different iOS issues. Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool 3.

Remove your iCloud account or Apple ID without password in just minutes. Product-related questions? View all the comments and join the discussion.In case that you are one of the new iPhone buyers, who hear about iCloud activation lock for the first time, its okay to be confused. After you purchase your iPhone and switch it on for the first time, the iCloud activation lock will be automatically enabled. In some instances, however, for example, if you purchase a second-hand iPhonethe mobile may be locked with iCloud account and you may not be able to use it.

In case that you are buying an iPhone from a previous owner, in order to start using the device and link it to your account, you may have to ask the owner to remove the iCloud activation lock by deleting the iPhone from his current iCloud account that it has been linked to. For that, contact the person and ask him to follow these instructions:. Note: Keep in mind that t his method may not always work, especially for new iOS versions, like iOS 10 and later. However, you have to proof that you are the rightful owner of the iPhone either by showing your receipt or proving that the previous owner has transferred the ownership to you.

If everything is legit, however, they can help you. If none of the previous methods works for you, you can try to unlock your iPhone from iCloud activation with paid service. Note: When selecting a desired paid service, check what version of iOS it supports.

If the iPhone is reported as lost or stolen such a service will not work. Make sure you have full access to your iPhone settings. If your iPhone is stuck at the iCloud activation lock screen, it will not work.

Once you ensure the above requirements are all met, you can use a tool of your choice such as iRemove or another. Download it and install it on your computer. Then, launch it and connect it to your iPhone. The software will verify if the device is eligible to bypass Apple ID or not.

Then, simply place the order and make the payment. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Once you finish, set up your iPhone as normal.In this guide, you will not only learn how to download and install 3uTools for iOS, but also how to use 3uTools iCloud bypass. Apart from iCloud Activation Lock bypass, 3uTools provides a list of other useful features such as managing apps, photos and other multimedia files, flashing firmware and performing jailbreaks, so regardless of your needs, a download of the app might be useful.

To proceed with this iCloud Activation Bypass, you need to boot your phone into Recovery Mode, this can be done in the following ways:. Read Also: Unlocking iCloud with Doulci. Then proceed with the following steps:.

can 3utools remove icloud lock

Read Also: Bypass iCloud activation with iEvade. Tags: icloud activation iCloud Bypass. Dennis Johnson March 10, 0.

Needless to say, but this method will delete all of the user data and files on your iOS device so beware. Related Articles. How to download MovieBox for iOS without jailbreak. How to download AppAddict for iOS latest version. We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Leave a reply Cancel reply. This site uses cookies: Find out more.

[2020] How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password?

Okay, thanks.Losing your iCloud password can be devastating. And although there are ways to recover your iCloud password, sometimes these methods may not be very helpful. If you are here trying to bypass iCloud activation or trying to get rid of your iCloud account, why not check these top iPhone and Apple watch iCloud bypass tools?

Gadgetwide is one of the best tools in the market for bypassing an iCloud lock on your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. It is also compatible with iOS versions older than iOS 7.

can 3utools remove icloud lock

Read: GadgetWide review and download guide. This is another popular tool that you can use to bypass iCloud. It also supports all iOS versions. Read: iCloudin tool review and download guide. Doulci Activator is also a popular tool that works in all iOS devices. It also allows you to run your own iCloud bypass server. Doulci can be installed on all iPod touch models, iPhone models, and iPad models. Support for the latest IOS versions is not yet available but can be updated anytime.

Make sure to confirm. Read: How to Bypass iCloud with Doulci. This tool is free and it helps you to jailbreak iOS devices iPhone, iPad, and iPod and you can also do a lot more things with it.

Read: How to use 3UTools. This tool supports all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. It is available for all iOS versions including iOS 10 and This tool is fast and easy to use. It also comes with a tutorial that will show you how to go about the whole process. It also supports iOS 7.

[2020 Updated] How to Bypass iCloud with iCloud Bypass Tools

If you need a direct connection to the Apple servers, this tool will do it. This tool is also simple to use. If you happen to lose your iCloud password, there are ways you can use to recover it. Tags: iCloud icloud activation iCloud Bypass.

How to Check iCloud Activation Lock Status?

Dennis Johnson November 30, 0. Related Articles. How to download MovieBox for iOS without jailbreak. How to download AppAddict for iOS latest version. We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Leave a reply Cancel reply.

This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Perhaps, you were confused when you first heard about iCloud activation lock. If so, you were not alone. Many new buyers of iPhone or users of second-hand iPhone are usually confronted with this issue. So, what is iCloud activation lock? How to remove iCould activation lock without password?

The activation lock is a feature designed by Apple to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen. If you have set up the iCoud account and turn on the Find My iPhone feature, the activation lock will be enabled automatically. So, the questions is that is it possible to remove iCloud activation lock without password? Yes, please keep reading. There are ways to help you remove iCloud lock without password in this article, so just choose the one that suits your situation.

If you want to unlock your iPhone in a fast way, then go to Part 1 ; if you prefer the official ways, check Part 2 ; Part 3 is a tool that could help if you pay; there is also a trick in Part 4 that may help to remove iCloud activation lock on some older devices. LockWiper is a computer-based Apple ID bypass software and lock screen removal tool. Just follow the 4 steps below and after minutes your iPhone will be unlocked! Step 1.

After downloading LockWiper, install it on your computer. Then, launch LockWiper and connect your device to your computer. Step 2. Step 3. Follow the onscreen steps to reset all settings on iPhone before LockWiper can start the unlocking process. Step 4. You can now use new Apple ID and enjoy all the features on iPhone. If you are the owner of the device that is locked by iCloud activation lock, you can use this way to solve the issue.

During the checks, Apple will also see if the iPhone has been reported as stolen or missing. If it has, Apple won't help. If you cannot prove you are the rightful owner, Apple will also refuse to unlock it. Therefore, as possible as you can, show all the proof that you are the owner and have the full right of the iPhone.

iPhone Activation iCloud Bypass Using 3utools 2020 ( Full Tutorial )

Have you ever purchased a second-hand iPhone only to find that it's locked with iCloud account? How to remove iCloud activation lock without password? The recommended method is to ask the previous owner to remove iCloud activation lock by deleting the iPhone from the current iCloud account.

Step 1: Start by going to icloud. Step 2: Sign in to the site with your Apple ID and passcode. Step 3: Click "Find iPhone".

Step 3: Tap "All Devices" located at the top. Step 4: Choose which device you want to remove from the iCloud account. Step 5: If necessary, tap "Erase iPhone". Step 6: Once the device has been deleted, click on "Remove from Account". If the previous ways don't work for you, you can unlock your iPhone from iCloud activation with paid service, no password needed.

But it comes with limits:. If you ensure the above requirements are well satisfied, you can use iRemove Tools: Step 1: Download the latest version of iRemove and install it on your computer. Step 2: Launch iRemove software and connect your iPhone to it.Are you facing iCloud Activation Lock on your iDevice? You don't need to worry as you are not alone to face this problem. There are so many users who are going through same pain but do you know that there are various ways which can help you to remove activation lock from your device.

The most common way to remove the iCloud lock is using bypass tool. There are several good and working tool that can help you to get rid of your problem. Check out this article to know best free iCloud Activation Lock removal tool downlaod for iOS Well, if you are still looking for a way to bypass iCloud. I think this is good news for you. Yesterday, a Twitter user posted a new unlock iCloud removal way, I think you will be interested.

Go to this Twitter page and try it. This method doesn't require any tool to bypass iCloud Activation Lock instead you need to follow some process to bypass the iCloud account.

This method uses change in Domain Name Servers DNS which helps to bypass the device but it is not necessary that it will work in every region and for every user. It will remove the iCloud lock and allow you to access the phone as normal. These are the top 12 iCloud Activation bypass tool which can help you to remove iCloud lock from your iDevice.

Make sure to choose the best tool that matches your criteria and soon you will be able to unlock your device and use it normally. Let us know which tool you liked and which one you are currently using.

can 3utools remove icloud lock

And if you want to unlock your iPhone screen passcode and Apple IDwe recommend you try Tenorshare 4uKeybelow is the download button. Using the iCloud Bypass Tool 3. DoulCi iCloud 5. Gadget Wide 8.

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