It has all features, which have been included in the full version.

uc browser for pc windows 8

You can use this browser for all your devices, but this version is only for Windows 10, 8. This browse r is secure and reliable.

Predominantly intended for smartphone gadgets, the UC Browser Mini is slowly gaining recognition to be used in private computers as correctly. That is the essential cause why many personal computer users the usage of home Windows and Macintosh systems are slowly creating a switch toward UC browser free download.

The big reputation of the net browser can genuinely be attributed to the success of the original version; however, it has been capable of pop out from the shadows of the UC Browser. This permits customers to browse, download and additional information over the internet within a secure environment. Aside from more suitable security, the net browser also small in length and mild, which allows users to execute their search and internet browsing with least disturbances. This also helps customers to browse the internet with fewer hassles and at faster speeds even if running with very slow net connections.

The UC mini browser free download also capabilities a smooth-to-use and easy consumer interface, hence allowing customers to function the browser effortlessly. The UC Browser Mini may be downloaded and hooked up to your private computer systems very quickly. Even though it calls for an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

Hence, you would first need to download and deploy the Bluestacks utility on your laptop. It is for those, who want change in their life. Save Reader Interactions Comments Well written. I really looking for these kinds of posts for a long time. Thank you for sharing with us. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Table of Contents. Comments Well written. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.UC Browser, one of the most recommended mobile browsers having over million user base across the globe is now offering users to download and get the hands-on PC.

This popular browser has been designed by a Chinese mobile internet company and owned by the famous Alibaba of China. The UC web works under acceleration technology and data compression. The browser server is performed as a proxy with the support to compress the data of the webpage before sending it to the users. Thus, it helps to load web pages faster on every suitable platform. UC Browser includes a fast download manager.

It supports simultaneous downloads including pages for offline readings. The built-in download manager supports pause and also can resume downloads.

The latest version download manager holds an ability to release the errors while downloading, such as mislabeled files and intermittent internet connections. Moreover, it also includes 2 default themes for round icons and homepage. This browser holds a lot of features and if the user has hands-on Google Chrome it expects default functionality and compatibility. The interface of the UC web is sleek and comfortable to use without any toolbar buttons.

UC browser is the stand-out feature that makes UC browser an attraction to work.

uc browser for pc windows 8

There are more other useful elements the user can experience on this web browser such as smart file manager, night mode, cloud sync with simple user interface and a good presentation.

UC Browser for Windows PC enables users to download any required content with high-speed compatibility and in a faster way. Downloading starts automatically when the user instigates. This UC browser allows users to use this application without ads as it has well-built adblockers where ads do not display on the screen. If you have your hands on Google Chrome, you will easily understand the interface and get familiar with the browser. You will also find three grey lines and a home symbol which navigates you to option menu like Google Chrome.

The UC Browser for Windows PC holds an ability to load web pages within fractions of seconds and rides you with fast surfing experience no matter the internet connection is weak.

The user can also work multiple tabs at the same time without slowing down the speed of the operating system. It has two default themes that make the home page square and round icons.UC Browser is one of the top mobile browsers. It is used by more than Million users worldwide. Because of the fast surfing experience and the inbuilt awesome features UC Browser for PC is coming in more and more demand.

Best feature of UC Browser is really fast mobile web browsing. UC Browser created mobile responsive pages of the websites and adds them in your offline cache. So when you visit the website next time, you do not need to wait even for second to load it. UC Browser for PC also has similar interface and caching feature. The download manager of UC Browser is admired by all users because of its pause and resume capability.

You can pause any downloads and resume them later without any problems. We will be talking about both in the below tutorial. The first one shows to download UC Browser using Android Emulator and other one is beta unofficial version developed by one passionate coder. Both of them have same browsing experience.

All of the features and interface would be same as in mobile. I am using this blazing fast web browser from past 3 months and I have found it more productive and more fluent than Chrome and Mozilla browser. One way is using a third-party Android Emulator and other way is using the. EXE file to install it on your PC. We will describe both of the ways below in this post. We also recommend you to use this method only because its more fast and convenient.

Many people have reported me that Bluestacks is not running in their systems because of low configurations. So we have brought another solution for them here. Download the. If you want to use offline installer to get UC Browser on PC then click the below button to download it. We give you guarantee that both of the above are genuine and well working methods tested by us. We would like to review it and provide you working solution to fix the issue.

Search Search for:. Your welcome. Do let us know if you have any questions. Is not avilable in english version? The above guide is for English version only. Thanks for visiting Apps for PC World.UC Browser for Windows 7.

UCWeb Inc. Leading mobile Internet browser now available for Windows PC! Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more. Free Download Share with Friends. UC Browser for Windows PC is a web browser designed to offer both speed and compatibility with modern web sites.

It allows you to switch between Chromium and Internet Explorer kernels, depending on your needs or preferences. UC Browser for PC speed beyond your imagination. Enjoy The fast download experience on the app! Become untraceable and secure online?

Then you need HMA! Pro VPN! It includes 2 default themes giving your home page square Windows 10 like feel or round icons. It also supports most Google Chrome extensions and comes with 2 already installed that are specific to UC Browser for Laptop. It quickly rendered everything we threw at it. UCBrowser for Desktop PC adds a lot of features you probably don't have so this is the perfect browser for someone who likes Google Chrome but wants more built-in functionality and compatibility.

For some reason, It adds a Facebook icon on your desktop. I'm pretty sure everyone who wants it already has it. The app at one point told me that Google Chrome was out of date and went to the Google Chrome download. It seems like a pretty big oversight. Top Downloads. Comments and User Reviews.By UCWeb Inc. UC Browser is a mobile phone browser that has so many features as it's desktop counterparts. You are allowed to select between Chromium and Internet Explorer kernels, in whatever way you see it fit.

UC Browser for PC

The download experience on UC Browser is one of a kind that you can only explain when you have used it; extremely fast. It makes use of cloud acceleration and data compression technology, as well as it's servers that act as a proxy, compressing and rendering the data of web pages before it is sent to the user. Web content tends to load faster through this process.

You can also open multiple tabs with this browser to view the navigation history, set the style for the home page, as well as create shortcuts to access your favourite websites quickly.

You can download multiple videos, images or audio tracks simultaneously with this program.

uc browser for pc windows 8

With the UC Browser download manager, you can pause, and resume your downloads. Even if your device shuts down for some reason, the download process can automatically resume.

Sorts downloaded files and put them in their respective folders. One low point about UC Browser is it's security issues. UC Browser has a clean and clutter-free interface for smooth internet surfing.

Some other very handy tools in this web browser are the night mode feature, smart file manager and cloud sync. There is also an adblocking tool that you can use to customize the privacy options. In the Tool menu, you can change its encoding. The developer's console enables you to view elements, sources, timeline, audits or the space for your JavaScript edits.

UC Browser is fun to use for mobile devices. It is available in multiple languages and can be used on a wide range of mobile devices and desktop computers.

Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

UC Browser has the best download speed among browsers in the market. We don't have any change log information for UC Browser 7. If you have any change log info for this version of UC Browser you can share with us.

Windows Software Drivers Games Articles.This browser offers you an excellent compact web experience, a fantastic browsing experiencesearch, games, downloads, video, shopping or social network sharing, at truly unattainable speeds.

UC Web Browser has been released for the Windows operating system. To begin downloading the official free and full version of UC Browser for Windows 10click on the download links below:. Official Download Link. After you have clicked on the download link, a new tab will open; wait a moment. The download has started successfully. If for some reason, the above download link does not work properly, you can download the latest version from the website by clicking here to go to the download page.

uc browser for windows 8 1

Now, just follow the next steps carefully:. If you are not from India, you can download the General versionif not, you can download the Hindi version. Click on either of the two versions you want to download.

UC Browser is a browser with an attractive appearance. UC Browser has virtually all the features of Chrome, with development tools and web extensions also available for installation. If you want, you can install all the development and extension tools as you install them in Google Chrome. In addition to this, you can easily customize UC Browser with new themes and wallpapers.

Overall, the simple user interface and the great look and feel make UC Browser a very interesting alternative for users looking for a change. Open UC Browser. Download UC Browser Java. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More.

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